Audeze LCD 3 Headphones

Audeze LCD 3 Headphones


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Audeze LCD 3

The Audeze LCD 3 are hand built in America for audiophiles, by audiophiles. The Audeze LCD 3 are surely pricey- but if you're looking for the best sound quality that is engineeringly possible, they are quite the value.

The big draw to the LCD 3 is the Planar Magnetic Transducers, which are very different than both cone speakers and dynamic drivers. What makes these different is that they utilize a flat and ultra lightweight magnetic diaphragm that is suspended in a magnetic field. When powered, the diaphragm moves in the magnetic field to produce sound. This approach has quite a few advantages, but mainly that the driver moves in a more organic, piston like fashion. This drastically reduces sound distortion and infinitely improves sound quality. Additionally, the diaphragm is mounted 360 degrees, which according to Audeze, drastically reduces fatigue points through the use of a tough polymer on the Planar Magnetic speakers, which makes the Audeze LCD 3 much more durable than traditional cone speakers. The additional thin design of the diaphragm makes it far more responsive, which generates a substantially crisper sound more akin to high quality speakers.

The signature of the Audeze Headphones is their accuracy and precision. The current line of Audeze drivers are regarded as some of the most accurate in production, as they are tested at every production point to uphold Audeze's strict quality control standards. Because of this, Audeze headphones boast one of the lowest distortion rates we've seen in quite some time. Additionally, the response is exceptionally fast and transit.

The build quality of the Audeze LCD 3 headphones is exceptional to say the least. These are perhaps some of the most comfortable headphones I've had the pleasure of wearing. The LCD 3 give full size headphones a new definition. While they surely are not subtle, they honestly feel as if they're not even there. It's truly incredible how light they are. They also feature angled connectors to keep the cords out of your way.

Visually, the Audeze LCD 3 has a full leather headband, with luxuriously cushioned leather ear pads. These will not get uncomfortable after extended usages, which is why we've been generating a lot of interest for recording studio usages.

Visually, they just look cool. The accented authentic South American Zebrawood is a nice touch of elegance that doubles as an exceptionally protective material.

Bottom line, these are the best headphones I've ever had the pleasure of using. As a full disclosure, I don't consider myself an audiophile, but wow! It's hard not to feel like a sound expert when you're able to hear sound detail you never even imagined existed. The Audeze headphones are truly an engineering masterpiece, and if you can afford them, would without a doubt be the shining jewel of your audio cabinet.

Product Features

  • Planar Magnetic Transducers
  • Custom designed Zebra wood (zebrano) earcups
  • Specially designed lambskin leather earpads
  • LOTUS diaphragm that uses a special alloy for conductive traces gives greater control and lower distortion
  • Specially designed self- closing, acoustically transparent magnetic structure with highest grade Neodymium magnets. 
  •  Plush wooden storage box

What's in the box

  • LCD-3 Headphones
  • ADZ-6 Cable (2.5 meters or 8.2 ft with split)
  • Wood Care kit
  • Frequency response graph of the particular LCD-3
  • Care kit and Warranty documents
  • Leather Headband
  • Plush wooden storage box

Technical Specifications

  • Planar Magnetic Transducers
  • Custom designed Zebra wood (zebrano) earcups.
  • Specially designed lambskin leather earpads.
  • Left and right transducers have matched sensitivity and frequency response within +/- 0.5dB.
  • Specially designed self closing, acoustically transparent magnetic structure with highest grade Neodymium magnets
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz - 20 KHz, usable high frequency extension 50 KHz. 
  • Distortion: less than 1% even at full output
  • Impedance: 50Ohms, nominal
  • Maximum diaphragm excursion: 2.5mm p-p
  • Efficiency: 93dB/1mW - Maximum output: 133dB, 15W
  • Maximum output: 133dB, 15W
  • Transducer active diaphragm area: 6.17 square inches
  • Input cable: Custom cable with mini XLR connectors
  • Weight: 550g, without cable.

Warranty Information

Audez'e provides a 3 year warranty for their products. Normal wear and tear of the product are not covered.

Please contact Audeze for any warranty issues.